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Preparing Within Iterations

Here we will discuss how we go about starting each iteration after iteration 0. When planning to do work for an iteration, we do as little technical work as possible to avoid over-planning - prepare any flow charts or process diagrams but not much else.

We then get the user stories, acceptance criteria and personas for the requirements we plan to fulfill in this iteration.

Take for example, the case of preparing lab guides for science class. Here is the user story of a student in your class:

As a science student, I want to be able to prepare my lab write-up without having to prepare all of the headings and theory by myself.

For the acceptance criteria we can have:

Follow the headings - As a science student, I want to be able to see the correct order to headings to put in my lab write-up. (Conditions of satisfaction: student can see the Title, Aim, Materials/apparatus, etc. for the lab from your lab guide.)

Understand what to do - As a science student, I want to receive valuable tips on how to write certain sections of a lab. (Conditions of satisfaction: student can see reminders for tasks such as writing the method in past tense and ensuring that their tables are fully enclosed from reading your lab guide.)

We would prepare process flow diagrams, database diagrams, wireframes, mock-ups or schematics for this if the work required one.