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Using Personas

A persona is a archetype/representation of someone who will be using your product or system. Agile focuses on delivering business value to our customers so it is important that we understand who our product is for and why it will be of value to them.

This is why we use personas - to never lose sight of who we are creating a product/service/system for. A persona does not have to be fully realistic or too specific. It can represent multiple users with a similar background or situation. The idea is to create fictitious characters who are modeled after the actual users/customers.

The format for personas is generally:

Name with picture
Desire/need to be fulfilled


Worked as a math teacher for 20 years

Had a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics

Is accustomed to using a physical mark book to keep track of the grades of his students
Is frustrated with having to copy his grades from the physical book to the school's online grade sheet

Wants to be able to have a digital means of keeping track of grades but one that resembles his mark book
Is a mother of two, ages 10 and 13

Is not familiar with technology

Spends most of her income to send her children to the best school
Has to wait until the end of each term to see their grades and make adjustments

Wants an easy way to keep track of her children's grades throughout the term