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Validity of the Agile Approach

Agile is valid because of the value and flexibility it brings to any project. User stories help us to focus on who we are making the product/system for instead of falling into the corporate trap of doing everything just for the sake of saying we did. The project roadmap allows us to create an idea of the work to be completed by the team. The Kanban board helps us to easily see the state of our work. Demos and retrospective meetings help us to gain insights on the current amount of business value being delivered by our product/system and to pivot in the case of the route taken not being the best especially if newer information about requirements is acquired.

Agile is great for startups

Startups will need to be agile because of the nature of their operations. Successful startups deliver business value as quickly as possible and pivot when challenges and new information appear. Unlike more established companies, startups don't have the trust and job security associated with older corporations. Many employees, except maybe the founders, are in the startup to offer their skills and expect compensation. Being agile means that the startup will take the route which is most likely to bring in returns and pay the employees as early as possible. Agile is beneficial to non-startups as well.