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Velocity and Time boxes

We time box tasks, iterations and requirements in agile projects in order to ensure that we do not leave all the work for the end and do not plan more than we implement.

This fits well into the Lean methodology where we minimize waste - this includes allotting more time for a task which we have already given sufficient time.


This refers to the amount of work (story points) that the team does (burns) per iteration. We do not count the story points associated with requirements which have only been partially completed. This is because the completed requirement delivers business value, not just part of it.

The unit of velocity is points per iteration. The velocity can help us to determine the how quickly the team can move and complete the project.

Process tailoring

Here is where we adapt our current strategies in order to reduce the occurrence of errors/blockages and to improve the efficiency of the team. We avoid what we learn doesn't work and lean into what does.

Agile games

Sometimes agile teams play games that serve to improve the way they work.