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Adopting Agile

This article is a case for the adoption of the agile approach.

What agile brings to a project

Business value is seen very quickly in the agile approach.

Product visibility

We can have deliverables from very early in the project. These will be visible to project stakeholders and clients.

Tangible deliverables

Having a usable product will serve to encourage your project sponsors as well as to provide valuable feedback through testing and validation.

Risk management

Having frequent intervals after which we test and validate the product will reduce the amount of work the team can possibly waste in working on a less than desirable result and increase the quality of the future iterations.


A traditional approach would have us expend resources on planning for an ideal future which, due to the high probability of change, will probably never happen. Agile's adaptability helps us to adjust the product to what will bring the most business value.

Synergy in the agile approach

The term digital transformation is used to describe change through the use of technology. The rapid advancement of technology in the past few decades has shown us how unpredictable the world around us can be. Lean management is an approach where we focus on minimizing wastage. By not working with a very rigid plan that resists change, we increase the project's agility and by extension minimize the waste generated.

Thus the agile approach and lean management complement each other (they form a synergy) in this unpredictable age of digital transformation.